Working together with the film and TV industry over a number of years, we like to think that we have a good knowledge of critical requirements for location selection.

Our experienced team will work with you from start to finish – we'll help you select options that meet the location brief and be on hand whilst confirming agreements to film.

Site recces need to be supervised due to the location and operations across many sites. They can only take place on agreement.

If you are interested in booking any of our sites we will require as a minimum:

  • A detailed filming proposal
  • A site specific risk assessment
  • Proof of Public Liability Insurance (min £5m)

NB. A geotech survey may be required depending on the specific site.

Please note

  • Filming can only take place once a licence or tenancy agreement has been agreed.
  • Where necessary, it will be the licencee’s responsibility to engage with local stakeholders and third-party landowners
  • Planning or other consents will be the responsibility of the licencee or tenancy holder.
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